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Phase Microscope

Olympus CK2 Phase Contrast Microscope


Nikon TMS Phase Contrast Microscope


Leitz 402a Microscope Phase Contrast Condenser Ph1, Ph2, Ph3, BF


Leica DME Upright Phase Microscope with 4 Objectives


AmScope 40X-2000X Phase Contrast Veterinary Trinocular Compound Microscope


Olympus CK2 Inverted Trinocular Microscope Phase Contrast w/ Camera


Olympus CK2 Inverted Phase Contrast Microscope W/ 3 Phase Contrast Objectives


Nikon Labophot Fluorescence Microscope with Phase Contrast 1.25 Condenser


Microscope Phase Contrast Rings 30mm Insertion Diameter


OMAX Phase Contrast Laboratory Compound Live Blood Clinical Microscope 40X-1000X


Trinocular Compound Reversed LED Microscope+Phase Contrast Condenser+Objectives


Phase Contrast & Brightfield Laboratory Compound Microscope+1.3MP Digital Camera


Nikon Trinocular Labophot Phase Contrast Microscope Ph1,3,4 DL 10,40,100x


Phase Contrast Binocular Biological Microscope with 1.3MP Digital Camera


40X-1600X Phase Contrast Biological Lab Research Microscope Live Blood Analysis


Phase Contrast Binocular Compound Laboratory Microscope 40X-1000X


Phase Contrast Trinocular Compound LED Microscope+2MP Camera+PH Objectives


Binocular Compound Phase Contrast & Brightfield Laboratory Microscope+PH Obj.


Olympus CH Trinocular Microscope Phase Contrast 10,20,40,100 PL


3MP Digital Camera Compound Biological Phase Contrast Microscope for Live Blood


Live Blood Phase Contrast Binocular Compound Microscope+3MP Digital Camera


OMAX Phase Contrast Biological Live Blood Compound Microscope+2MP Digital Camera


Nikon Diaphot Laboratory Microscope - Nikon Phase Contrast-2 ELWD 0.3


2000X Phase Contrast Trinocular Siedentopf LED Compound Microscope+3MP Camera


Lab Clinic Vet Trinocular Phase Contrast Compound Microscope+9MP Digital Camera


Phase Contrast Trinocular Laboratory Biological Microscope 40X-2000X w LED Light


Leitz Labolux S Microscope Phase Contrast Dark Field Condenser Phaco 10,20,40


Phase Contrast Binocular Lab Compound Clinical Biological Microscope 40X-2000X


OMAX 40X-2000X LED Binocular Darkfield/Phase Compound Microscope w 9MP Camera


OMAX Phase Contrast Compound LED Siedentopf Microscope 2000X+14MP USB Camera


OMAX Trinocular Phase Contrast Compound LED Microscope with 1.3MP USB Camera


OMAX Compound Phase Contrast Siedentopf LED Microscope 2000X+1.3MP USB Camera


Carl Zeiss phase-contrast microscope, KF2, binocular, w/objectives/oculars


OMAX Phase Contrast LED Trinocular Biological Compound Microscope 40X-2500X


Binocular Siedentopf Compound Microscope+Phase Contrast kit+PLAN Objective 1600x


OMAX Trinocular Compound LED Phase Contrast Live Blood Microscope 40X-2000X